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Catnik Design Studio is an Adelaide based practice but we also work on rural and coastal projects. We offer a complete building & design service, including alterations and additions to existing houses as well as new houses. We provide concept design, interior design, and detail design, and support on site until completion. We strive to create timeless places that are loved by our clients and those who experience them. We maximise every opportunity, revealing smart, memorable spaces that inspire, challenge, engage and excite.


Sustainability is integral to all of our projects. 

That’s why we discuss it from the very beginning with our clients. 
For us, sustainability is often about common sense: maximising efficiency and minimising waste; maximising durability and minimising impact. 
Our buildings are designed to passively perform and respond within a constantly changing environment and climate. 

design team

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NICK APPS | Building Design B. Ec CPA (Cert. 4 Building & Construction)

Nick has been involved in the building and landscape industry for over 10 years.  He has a very good understanding of the construction process and as a qualified CPA accountant as well as being a building designer he understands the real world budget constraints that a project can face and will work with you to craft a design that is aesthetically beautiful and fits the budget.

His design philosophy very much embraces the natural beauty of built materials with an emphasis on creating functional, balanced spaces.